Belgian green asparagus is gaining popularity


Tholen - The Belgian green asparagus season has started again. “Since this week we have Belgian green asparagus in our assortment again. We have them all year round, but when the Belgian ones come on the market, we switch. The asparagus is available as a private label as well as from our own Nicobel brand,” says Hannah Nicolaï of Nicolaï Fruit. “Prices are traditionally a bit higher at the start of the season, but we expect that when the large volumes hit the market next week, prices will drop somewhat.”

“In addition to the green asparagus, we also have white asparagus in our range, but we notice that the green ones are gradually gaining popularity. The white asparagus is well known and used in some classic dishes. The green asparagus, on the other hand, is a lot more versatile and you can go in all directions with it from a culinary point of view. They are also incredibly easy to prepare, because you don't have to peel them. Despite the fact that white asparagus is still extremely popular, more and more people are discovering green asparagus,” says Hannah.

The Belgian green asparagus distinguishes itself from its overseas counterpart by its size. “In terms of size, the Belgian ones are a lot larger than, for example, the asparagus from South America. The Belgian variant is comparable in size to the white asparagus. The season, on the other hand, starts a little later than for white asparagus, but continues for longer,” Nicolaï continues. A large part of Nicolaï Fruit's Belgian green asparagus is sold to domestic retailers, the rest is destined for export to neighboring countries.

In addition to the new construction project that Nicolaï Fruit is currently realizing, the company is also expanding the Nicobel brand. “We already have several product groups under our Nicobel brand, but we are still adding new products. Recently, in addition to the standard soft fruit varieties, we also offer special strawberries, such as the raspberry and pineapple strawberry. We will soon start offering cherries under the Nicobel brand and, in addition to our five-kilo package, we will also introduce a smaller two-kilo package,” concludes Hannah.

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